Fallen Angel

By Sun Ra

I’m not a human.  I never called anybody mother.  The woman who’s supposed to be my mother I call other momma.  I never call nobody mother.  I never call nobody father.  I never felt that way.  You have to realize this planet is not only inhabited by humans, it’s inhabited by aliens too.  They got the books say they fell from heaven with Satan.  So, in mixed up among humans you have angels.  The danger spot is the United States.  You have more angels in the country than anywhere else.  You see, it was planned.
I’ll tell you something fantastic.  It’s unbelievable.  They say that truth us stranger than fiction.  Never in the history of the world has there been a case where you take a whole people and bring ‘em in the country in the Commerce Department.  Never before has that happened.  It happened here.  They bringing ‘em in through the Commerce Department.  It was possible for aliens and angels and devils and demons to come in this country.  They didn’t need no passport.  So then they’d come as displaced people.  Perfect setup.  So they come right on into the United States.  They could come here and act like poor people, they could come here and act like slaves because they didn’t keep up with what was happening.  They just brought some people in…and said Oh you they is nothing, they beastly.  The brought ‘em in here and doin’ that, they allowed anything to come in here.
If someone has the authority from the one who’s causing the problem, it’s no problem.  It is not the nature of the human being to be self-destructive.  So someone is causing it—there’s a lot of confusion.  But the Bible says God is the cause of confusion, that he confused the languages at the Tower of Babel.  That’s what it says.  He did it, that’s what they teach.  So if he confuses, how do you do it?  That’s the point.  If you find out how he did it, you can unravel the whole thing.
Well I found out how he did it.  He did it with phonetics.  Still telling the truth, but phonetics goes two ways.  Like I just told you the words virgin, and version, it’s like sun/son, son or sun: you got a lot of words spelled just alike, like like and live, and they go separate directions.
I don’t really deal with life.  I feel that life is death, you know.  That it’s a curse according to the Bible…Paul said Oh, who would deliver me from this body of death.  He said, If a man is led to life he is led to death…Another place in the Bible it says, Their whole life through is nothing else but death.
I understand English, you see, from a basic point of view, not from the American point of view, but from the Old English point of view which is very necessary if you get an old Bible.  You start back there, this Bible translated by Englishmen, and you can find out they made a few mistakes.  They made a few mistakes in the setters and the printers, too.  And those are some problems you have in this country.  Slight mistakes.  Good ideas, but you can’t even make the slightest mistake ’cause everything will move that way.

In Egypt we played at the German Embassy in Helipolis, which I didn’t know was the headquarters of the priests who dealt with Ra.  I didn’t know ’til I got to the United States and that that’s where I had played.  This big house.  The German invited the Egyptians invited the Egyptians there and that’s how the Egyptians knew I was in town ’cause they had never heard the band.  So the cultural ministry wanted us to play so bad—Our children need you and you have to go on TV!  Don’t ask us how much we’re going to pay you. We pay our musicians so little; I can’t even tell you what we will pay you, but it’ll be after the program.  That’s the way we do things over here.  Please play for your children.  The Egyptians don’t seem to worry about time.  They said we’re gonna pick you up  at three o’clock—send the bus out.  Four o’clock—no bus; five o’clock—no bus; six o’clock I said, Well, we’ll just get cabs and go down there.  I called up and they said, Well, the bus left at three o’clock.  So we go down to the TV station and we set up maybe about six o’clock or six thirty and they said, Well, you’ll go on soon.  Seven o’clock cam—the band is set up.   Eight o’clock came—the band, nobody went to the washroom, nobody asked for water.  Nine o’clock came—we’re still not on.  Ten o’clock came.  By eleven o’clock all at once, Oh, we got to put the band on!  So we went on then.  But now nobody went to the restroom.  Nobody asked for water and they saw some discipline.  They can appreciate that.  I’m going back to Egypt.

Excerpt from interview with Rick Theis
Printed in “Semiotext(e) 12, Oasis”, Vol. 4, No. 3,  1984.