Ariana Reines

Ariana Reines is an American poet, playwright, performance artist, and translator. Her books of poetry include The Cow (2006), which won the Alberta Prize from Fence Books; Coeur de Lion (2007); Mercury (2011); and Thursday (2012) Her play Telephone was commissioned and produced by The Foundry Theatre, and presented at The Cherry Lane Theatre in February 2009.

6-Ariana-Reines-The-OriginThe Origin Of The World

“Immediately her word became accomplished fact.”

Number 6 in a series of 22 publications produced on the occasion of the 2014 Whitney Biennial.

Listen to the audio file of The Origin of the World here

Read On the Origin of the World the “untitled text”  from the Nag Hammadi Library here

Translated by Hans Gebard-Bethge and Bentley Layton.
Voice: Ariana Reines. Sound Engineer: Ben Sharony.


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