jack+smith-a+sideJack Smith Vinyl Picture Disc


An interview with Jack Smith by Sylvère Lotringer published in 1978 in the Schizo-Culture issue of Semiotext(e)



Liner notes by Sylvère Lotringer

Released by Semiotext(e) in an edition of 500 copies.

Edited by Robert Dewhurst and Hedi El Kholti


Side A
1. Irrational Landlordism
2. Exotic House
3. Anarchy
4. Mekas, Picasso, Warhol
5. The Center of Unused Objects

Side B
1. Why Is Everyday Life So Incredibly Ugly
2. My First Lollipop
3. Flaming Creatures pt. 1
4. Flaming Creatures pt. 2
5. Connecting Sugar with Hollywood


Cover and insert photographs by Gwenn Thomas:
Jack Smith in Jack Smith’s Fear Ritual of Shark Museum, Cologne Zoo, 1974, 28×35 cm, silver-gelatin print, printed 2005. Courtesy the artist and Exile.

All artworks by Jack Smith, Courtesy of Jack Smith Archive and Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels.

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