On The Origin of the World

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Translated by Hans Gebard-Bethge and Bentley Layton.
Voice: Ariana Reines. Sound Engineer: Ben Sharony.
From the Nag Hammadi Library: read text >

Politics Domesticity and Flight

Antonio Negri interviewed by Verina Gfader, “The Real Radical?” in EP Vol. 1, The Italian Avant-Garde: 1968–1976 (Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2013). Courtesy of Sternberg Press.
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The Awakening of the Arab People by Abdella Taïa (for le Monde)
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Tribute toTony Duvert by Jean-Noël Pancrazi (for Le Monde)read text >

Excerpt from Chris Marker new introduction from the DVD release in France of his epic film-essay A Grin Without a Cat, about the political wars of the 60′s and 70′s. read text >

Tribute to Jean Baudrillard from American writers and artists (for Le Nouvel Observateur)read text >

A Great Ride: Fanny Howe on Chris Kraus‘s Torporread text >

My 80′s—Better Than Life: Sylvère Lotringerread text >

Julia Kristeva in conversation with Sylvère Lotringerread text >

Steven Shaviro on Paolo Virno‘s A Grammar of Multituderead text >

Gerald Raunig’s introduction toArt and Revolutionread text >

Off-ing for Pleasure: Brian Pera in conversation with Masha Tupitsyn read text >

Pure War

God is the Ultimate Banker by Peter Sloterdijk read text >

Creating a new public sphere, without the State. Paolo Virno in conversation with Héctor Pavón read text >

Money in the World Crisis: The New Basis of Capitalist Power by Christian Marazzi read text >

Antonio Negri: Marx is still Marx Interview with Rainer Ganahl read text>
Going Global: Daniel Pinchbeck on Paul Virilio/Sylvère Lotringer’s Crepuscular Dawn and Alan Joxe’s Empire of Disorder read text >

McKenzie Wark on Alan Joxe’s Empire of Disorder read text >

Simon Dalby on Alan Joxe’s Empire of Disorder read text >

General Intellect by Paolo Virno read text >

Three Theses for Virtual Communism by Toni Negri read text >


Other People’s Eroticism by Tony Duvert read text >

Provocations: M.G. Meda on Michel Onfray’s Theory of the Body in Love: For a Solar Eroticism and Sylvère Lotringer’s Overexposed read text >

DR. STRANGELOVE OF THE SOUL AND THE BODY: Elizabeth Roudinesco on Sylvère Lotringer’s Overexposed read text >

Therapeutic Orange: Francois Cusset on Sylvère Lotringer’s Overexposed read text >

Unreliable Witness by Chris Kraus read text >

Bruce Benderson’s intro to Tony Duvert’s Good Sex Illustrated read text >

Family, Capital, Anus by Guy Hocquenghem from Semiotext(e) (3), 1977 read text >

Fallen Angel by Sun Ra from Semiotext(e) 12, Oasis, 1984 read text >

Introduction to Flaubert’s Madame Bovary by Chris Kraus read text >

Evil Influences: Sylvère Lotringer on Artaud from More & Less 3 read text >

Indelible Video by Chris Kraus read text >

Life In These United States

Girls on film in books: Michelle Tea on Masha Tupitsyn’ Beauty Talk & Monsters
read text >

A Philosophy of Surrender: Robbie Dewhurst on David Rattray read text >

Travels underground: Erick Lyle on David Wojnarowicz…, Free Press: Underground and Alternative Publications 1965-1975 and Paris: The Secret History read text >

The History of Semiotext(e) by Chris Kraus and Sylvère Lotringer read text >

Heather Woodbury in conversation with Ira Glass read text >

David Rattray in conversation with Ken Jordan, December, 1991 read text >

Mysterious Thing: A conversation between Bennett Theissen and Jack Smith from More & Less 3 read text >

How I Became One of the Invisible: Thurston Moore on David Rattray read text >