Franco “Bifo” Berardi

Franco Berardi, aka “Bifo,” founder of the famous “Radio Alice” in Bologna and an important figure of the Italian Autonomia Movement, is a writer, media theorist, and media activist. He currently teaches Social History of the Media at the Accademia di Brera, Milan.

TheUprisingThe Uprising

On Poetry and Finance

The Uprising is an Autonomist manifesto for today’s precarious times, and a rallying cry in the face of the catastrophic and irreversible crisis that neoliberalism and the financial sphere have established over the globe. In his newest book, Franco “Bifo” Berardi argues that the notion of economic recovery is complete mythology. The coming years will inevitably see new surges of protest and violence, but the old models of resistance no longer apply. Society can either stick with the prescriptions and “rescues” that the economic and financial sectors have demanded at the expense of social happiness, culture, and the public good; or it can formulate an alternative. For Berardi, this alternative lies in understanding the current crisis as something more fundamental than an economic crisis: it is a crisis of the social imagination, and demands a new language by which to address it.

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7-Franco-Berardi-Neuro-totalitarianismNeuro Totalitarianism


Semiocapitalism is infiltrating the nervous cells of conscious organisms, inoculating them with a thanato- political rationale, a morbid sentiment which permeates the collective unconscious, culture and sensibility— an obvious effect of sleep deprivation and a patent consequence of the stress placed upon attention. The digital capture of attention and experience has, notably, been the crucial goal of the Google corporation, whose mission is to create the most flexible and dynamic relationship as possible between the Net and the netter, between the machine and the cognitive worker.


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The Soul at Work: From Alienation to Autonomy

Translated by Francesca Cadel and Mecchia Giuseppina
Preface by Jason E. Smith

Capital has managed to overcome the dualism of body and soul by establishing a workforce in which everything we mean by the Soul—language, creativity, affects—is mobilized for its own benefit. Industrial production put to work bodies, muscles, and arms. Now, in the sphere of digital technology and cyberculture, exploitation involves the mind, language, and emotions in order to generate value—while our bodies disappear in front of our computer screens.

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