Animal Shelter 3

Semiotext(e) is pleased to announce issue 3 of its occasional intellectual journal Animal Shelter, founded and edited by Hedi El Kholti.  Fleeting, ephemeral, nondigital, and nonhierarchical, Animal Shelter is, as Alex Gartenfeld wrote in Interview, “a loose collection of texts, sequenced like a mixtape,” focused yet eclectic. Animal Shelter 2 (2012) evoked a world drifting in limbo. The new issue seeks the roots of our present malaise by moving out to places usually considered ‘obscure’ or ‘exotic’: Argentina, the West Indies, Mali, rural Florida. Animal Shelter 3 features fiction, philosophy, poetry, analysis, & interviews, with an accent on archival documents. In this issue:

A short story by TISA BRYANT on the afterlife of Antiguan slavery.  A short story by MICHAEL CARROLL on sex & languor in Key West.  JEAN EUSTACHE in conversation with Wade Novy. PIERRE GUYOTAT on childhood, pubescence, poetry.  A short story and collage by RICHARD HAWKINS.  GUY HOCQUENGHEM on the imperialism of the couple.  An unpublished COOKIE MUELLER  short story.  GRACE NDIRITU on responsible tourism.  A short story by DALIA ROSETTI on jailhouse tattoos.  A poem by HEATHCOTE WILLIAMS on Otto Muehl & animal liberation.

Other contributors include: Melissa Barrett, Robert Dewhurst, Tony Duvert, Iris Klein, Fernanda Laguna, Lodovico Pignatti Morano, Jean-Jacques Schuhl, Noura Wedell.

Art by: Gary Lee Boas, Shannon Durbin, Matt Fishbeck, Kathryn Garcia, Mim Goodman, Peter Hujar, Eli Langer, Tracy Nakayama, Grace Ndiritu, Warren Neidich, A. L. Steiner…


Animal Shelter Issue 2

Fleeting, ephemeral, non-digital and non-hierarchical, Animal Shelter is, as Alex Gartenfeld wrote in Interview, “a loose collection of texts, sequenced like a mixtape” and dedicated to visions of real freedom in the present. Gathered around a long conversation with philosopher Paul Virilio on “The Littoral as Final Frontier,” conducted on the first day of the “flash crack” collapse of the European markets, Issue 2 features fiction, art work, poetry, conversations and essays by Dodie Bellamy, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Moyra Davey, Robert Dewhurst, Ben Ehrenreich, Matt Fishbeck, Veronica Gonzalez, Bruce Hainley, Chris Kraus, Rachel Kushner, Sylvere Lotringer, Alistair McCartney, Slava Mogutin, Eileen Myles, Jed Ochmanek, George Porcari, Michael Rashkow, Shlomo Sand, Margie Schnibbe, Sarah Wang and others.

“… At the Liberation … I discovered a coast that had been off limits during the entire war. For a child, the discovery of that seascape was an extraordinary moment, the end f the world, the finisterre; the discovery of freedom as well as an endless, negative horizon where there is nothing but the horizon, nothing but fluid dynamics.” — Paul Virilio, “The Littoral as Final Frontier”

Debuting in 2008, Animal Shelter 1 summoned the underground press sex culture of the 1970s as an intellectual conduit. The new issue evokes the suspended atmosphere of a world drifting in limbo; analysis laced with an undertow of oblivion.

Desublimation, digression, negative monument, catastrophe, shadows, horror and sexiness, Gay Sunshine, blue line …

Editor: Hedi El Kholti
Cover: Matt Fishbeck

$12 (Few Copies)


 William E. Jones”

Roehr/Warhol/Rocco/Lynde is an investigation of four figures from high and low culture through appropriated quotes and documents.  The connections between this disparate group (a German post-minimalist artist, plus three Americans – the Pop artist, a pioneering gay erotic filmmaker, and a television star of the 1960s and 70s) become clear as the footnotes, footnotes within footnotes, et cetera, unfold in a parody of an academic text.

Originally written as program notes for Elective Affinities, a Hammer Museum screening series co-curated by Larry Johnson, the book has been revised and illustrated for publication by William E. Jones.   40 Pages • $15.00 • Limited Edition •



Pierre Guyotat


Independence evokes a foundational moment in Pierre Guyotat’s life, while he was serving as a soldier during the Algerian war: his arrest andimprisonment by French military security for political rebellion.


This text was written for a special issue of the Nouvelle Revue Française, the literary magazine which greatly contributed to shaping French literary history during the course of the twentieth century. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the publishing company, Les Editions Gallimard, which houses the magazine, each contributor was invited to submit a text written in relation to a novel which they felt encapsulated the century.


Independence was published on the occasion of a series of readings organized with Pierre Guyotat in the US,  April–May 2011.  28 Pages • $10.00 • Limited Edition •



Fleeting, and non-hierarchical, Animal Shelter is part intellectual journal, part DIY ‘zine. Eclectic but highly focused, the journal looks towards non-privatized forms of sexuality as a cultural conduit.

Featuring new work by Tony Duvert, Bruce Benderson, Gary Boas, Jennifer Doyle, Chris Kraus, Adbellah Taïa, Elke Krystufek, Masha Tupitsyn, Ariana Reines and others.

Editor: Hedi El Kholti and Paul Gellman
Cover: Matt Fishbeck

Sold Out

“Loving Boys”, Semiotext(e)

Special Intervention Series 2, (Summer 1980) Rare newsprint copies

Interviews with Kate Millet, Michel Foucault, Guy Hocquenghem, Mark Blasius, Sylvère Lotringer, David Thorstad and Mark Moffet

General editor: Sylvère Lotringer

Art Editor: Joseph Kosuth